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noun  tap·root  \ ˈtap-ˌrüt ,      -ˌru̇t \

1 : a primary root that grows vertically downward and gives off small lateral roots
2 : the central element or position in a line of growth or development that brings the most nutrients up from the soil to the plant.  



1 : the medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the transformation of matter.  It is concerned particularly with attempts to convert base metals into gold or to find a universal elixir.  

The beginning of this endeavor began when I fell into a darker layer of life where depression sank slowly in over me like a mist so thick the light refused to permeate through.  At the time I owned and operated a biodynamic cacao farm on Kaua’i in the start up phase, and began seeking a natural stimulant to help mitigate the downward swing that seemed to linger for days, months even.  My best friend and I would meet for hot chocolate and chai at a local coffee shop in Kapaa town where I found myself sipping chai like my life depended on it.  One day I asked to see the ingredient list to the chai I coveted so dearly in my darkest days, and was deeply regretful after seeing what laid before me on the mass produced packaging.  Sugar and additives were two of the first ingredients listed.  In that split second of inquiry, the allure of my drug of choice came shattering to the floor, there was no way I could sip it with the same ease and excitement as before.   This new found knowledge of what I was drinking, and wildly everyone else was drinking too (unknown to me chai is a ridiculously popular drink), propelled me into a chai frenzy!  This began my endless search for a chai powder that focused on real ingredients from the earth that illuminated health and wellness for the consumer over the usual focus of sugar, additives, emulsifiers, and profit/addiction.  When I grew exhausted from searching and coming up empty cupped, I realized how simple it could be to create a chai powder who’s first ingredient, and every ingredient, was something nourishing! Thus creating a universal elixir that is the heart of this company!  


After a couple bad batches and kitchen disasters, I got it. And it became my ritual. I noticed benefits in my mental, physical, and emotional capacity far beyond that from the local coffee shop chai who’s ingredients lacked actual ingredients. I felt more stable with an increased overall well-being, and through ingesting medicinal herbs and spices in small doses over extended time, I noticed the fog lifting around me. I attribute the lighter days to the Turmeric Chai Mylk and Mushroom Mana I share today, well that— and the acupuncture I received throughout the process (but thats another aspect to my life story that has lead me to the here and now in Portland, Oregon pursuing Chinese Medicine— it seems that immense health and laser sharp trajectory came out of those dark days!).   What came from the power of plant medicine is the alchemy I so deeply desire to share with the world today! 


Taproot Alchemy was created to enliven your soul, to encourage the sacred space of ritual and to bring you closer and more relaxed to the present moment. 

We believe in ritual, we believe in connection, we believe in wisdom. We believe in sacred, organic, purposeful ingredients to nourish our bodies. We believe these ingredients should taste out of this world while their medicinal powers and magic heal our bodies. Our blends of chai and elixir powders are handcrafted with care, made with 100% organic ingredients. 

Health is your most valuable asset and we empower individuals to become  their own alchemist by providing ingredients to collaborate with optimal health and vitality.

Chai is an ancient tradition steeped in wisdom and culture. We are inspired to bring this wisdom to your everyday lives, with a touch of magic and a dash of spice.

These creations come from the heart, crafted in small batches in Portland, OR. It's our hope that you enjoy consuming as much as we enjoy creating. 
Drink mindfully, and with love –

Katie & Taproot